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Joseph Kopf came to Life Care Center of Hilton Head, South Carolina, in July 2017 after a left-sided stroke that partly paralyzed his right side.


“My doctor told me when it was all over that it was a miracle I was still alive,” said Kopf.


When Kopf arrived, he was not able to walk and required a machine to lift him out of bed. He required maximum assistance to bathe and had difficulty with cognition and swallowing. He started out on a diet of nectar-thick liquids.


Through hard work with his physical, occupational and speech therapists, Kopf was able to improve his mobility and self-care skills, as well as his swallowing and thinking skills.


Kopf has progressed to walking 300-450 feet with stand-by assistance and can now ascend and descend stairs with stand-by assistance and a handrail. He can shower with caregiver assistance and adaptive equipment, and he has graduated to a diet of regular textures and thick liquids.


“I am very happy with the progress, and hopefully I can lead a normal life once again,” said Kopf. “I tried three places, and this was the best. The therapists were great. Everyone was friendly and was always at my side.”